Our Services

Elevating college moments through curated experiences - from distinguished Chief Guest arrangements to immersive stage designs, technical setups, and meaningful special day events

Chief Guest Arrangements

Secure domain-specific inspirations for impactful events

Stage to Poster Designing

Visual storytelling through captivating stages and posters

Sounds to Projector

audio-visual experiences engineered for immersion

Refreshments to Lunch

Thoughtfully curated culinary delights for all senses

Our Expertise

Special Day Events

Meaningful celebrations for key occasions and ideologies

Guest Lectures

Insights from industry experts, aligned with academia

Technology Training

Bridging education and careers through tech training programs.

Custom Mobile apps to Websites

We have a record of completing 15+ Client based projects successfully.

About Us

Welcome to T~ Happenings, where we specialize in crafting extraordinary college experiences, from domain-aligned Chief Guests to immersive stages and inspiring talks. With a history of 150 successful events, our innovation extends to seamless technical setups and thoughtfully curated refreshments. We mark milestones through meaningful special day events and bridge academia and industry with insightful lectures, placements, and training. At T~ Happenings, we're dedicated to creating lasting college memories.